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Hiya, does anyone have requests for Volks stuff/BJD stuff from Japan?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community and to the dollfie community in general as well, I've recently become interested in them but haven't actually got round to buying one yet as they are rather expensive! I'm currently in Japan and went to Akihabara 2 days ago and found a slew of stores selling Dollfie stuff for what (at least to me) seemed reasonable prices, eg. 1,500 yen for a head, 500 yen for eyes etc. and so I'm thinking of going back there on Monday/Tuesday to maybe buy some pieces.

So, what I would like to ask is: whilst I am still in Japan (I leave next Thursday) is there anything anyone would like for their dollfies/accessories/parts etc ? Please let me know by Monday night if there's anything you want and I'll try to find it, then get it posted off to you before I leave (my luggage is already at the weight limit!). I saw some very nice outfits there for all kinds of dolls, mostly super dolfie but others too.

If interested please let me know: what kind of item you are after/description of it (if you're too specific it might be hard to find, so state the type of clothing/accessory and what kind of colour style and I'll try to get it :)), what price you are willing to pay for each item/total you want to spend by Monday night and I'll get back to you asap!

If you want to see some of the places that sell DOllfie stuff in Akihabara to choose what you want here's a couple of links (there are also other shops without websites)

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Does anyone know what size drill bit you need to fit the little plastic tubes into the body parts? The original instructions say 3mm and 2mm but that's too small for the additional pieces. Just trying to finish this little guy!
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My first boy

:) It seems there isn't much happening here; I hope some members are still about!

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I have 6 of the big bjd guys from various companies inc. Volks, but this guy was so cute I couldn't resist him. He was bought in the Volks in Bigs.:) At the moment, I am pondering on how to make his joints and their pins a little more stable, as they come apart sometimes. Does anyone have any advice? I need to paint his face too; bought some paints today. And then some clothes. ;)
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Hello. *waves* I'm Vaya. I just ordered my first Volks customized doll (a DP option head #4 on an EB-mini F body).

I haven't seen many Dollfie Plus boys around, though, other than the WTG figures. Does anybody have a boy made out of any of the DP option heads? I'd be interested in seeing some. =^_^=

(Shameless plug: If you'd like to visit my journal for my other dolls, it's at )

Hi all!

In between big dolls I decided to take these on as a little pet project.

I found they are quite a bit of challenging work, and if you want them to pose easily, you need to drill bigger holes and install the included bushings.
I decided I didn't want the more anime head and hard hair so i managed to fit a Dollfie plus #3 head. (The next girl will get a #5 head, yes, i'm doing a second one!These are really cool little bodies!)

I think it actually looks pretty good with the other head.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi, and yes, we're insane.

Hey ^_^

Hey all, I'm new here (obviously). I've just recently gotten interested in Customize Figures and wanted to learn more about them. I'm going to be going to Japan in two weeks and I was looking into getting one while I'm in Japan. But there are some things I want to know. One, would it be possible to put any type of dollfie head (there are, I think, two different types of dollfie heads) onto the Customize Figure body? Also what makes me curious is if you look through this guys photo album ( you can see that he has put a wig on his doll. Does anyone know how he managed to do that? Did he just glue the hair to a headcap of sorts, or what? I haven't really seen what the headcap piece thingy looks like so I'm not sure how it works. And the last thing I want to know is, how customizable is the head? I know it's made out of resin, and I know a lot of Super Dollfie owners mod their dolls head, so would it be possible to do the same to one of these? Like if you wanted to change the lips or something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. ^_^